East End Studio
Questions? Need Help? Phone Catherine at the Holiday Manor Studio
Monday-Thursday 9:30-6:00; Friday 9:30-4:00, Sat 10:00-1:00 pm
Seven Sundays of Free Yogaimg_main
Intro to Yoga Classes with Our Teacher Interns
12:30-1:30 pm, November 19-December 17, 2017 
Kentucky Street/Highlands Studio

Classes through Dec 17 are filled and wait-listed.
We have added 2 more classes:
Dec 24 & Dec 31, 12:30-1:30 pm
If you registered and cannot able to attend, please phone 502-585-9642 so we can move people from the wait list.
User Friendly Anatomy

December 2, 2:30-5:00 pm St Matthews
$50, YA 300/500, YACEP
This workshop covers the Hip.
Andrea Rothgerber, PT, will explore anatomy of the hip.  Laura Spaulding will discuss issues that affect yoga asana practice and the controversial topic of hip replacements and claims that yoga causes, aggravates or fails to prevent hip deterioration.  


New at Kentucky Street/Highlands

Paul Long Returns to Teaching
Thursdays in November
4:30-5:45 pm, Hatha 2 

6:00-7:15 pm, Hatha 1-2 

Paul is a former member of our Board of Directors, and recently moved back to the area from Arizona.
Paul will be teaching classes for us again.

New in December 
Nerissa Sparkman's
Sadhana Yoga Classes
will move to the Kentucky Street Studio.
Combined memberships will also be available. 
Relax and Renew
Restorative Yoga
Sunday December 10, 3:00-4:30 pm $25
East End Studio at Holiday Manor
Experience the luxury and pampering
of being placed in restorative poses.

Contact Becky Thompson; rebecca9393@att.net or
(502) 422-1634 for any questions about the workshop.
Limited to 12 - Advance Registration Required
Shanti & Koshi Chimes

Authentic Musical Instruments Made in France
We have a limited number of chimes
for the holiday season.
These are beautiful healing gifts.

Each Chime is Hand-Tuned.

Link will be active Friday, November 24.
Changes to Auto Debit Membershipye_logo_med
Thank You for Your Support of Yoga East
by Your 
Over a year ago we raised the auto debit rate to $86. We allowed members who were already on auto debit at the old $80 rate to keep the old rate. Now, we need to raise everyone to the current $86 rate, and this will take effect January 1 (or when your present contract ends).  

Phone Laura Spaulding if you have questions or concerns about your membership.
Robert Moses

Sivananda Yoga
March 24-25, 2018
East End/Holiday Manor Studio
$150 (register by January 31)
$180 after.
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