Intermediate Yoga 3

This class is taught by:

Laura Spaulding

Laura began practicing yoga in 1967. She has practiced and studied in the Sivananda, Iyengar and Ashtanga systems, but her main practice is Ashtanga Yoga.  She studied with K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore in 1999 and 2002-2009. She continues to study with Saraswathi and Sharath Jois. Certifications: Yoga East (1994), AYRI Authorization by K Pattabhi Jois (2004), KPJAYI Level 2 (2009), ERYT500 (2007) and YACEP (2016).

Taylor McFarlane

Taylor stems from a swimming background where she spent years in the pool, not quite understanding or appreciating the benefits her life saw from the moving meditation that was her sport. It wasn’t until after college and a year in the Pacific Islands, that she stepped into a Vinyasa class and immediately found a similar physical element and mental awareness in the practice of both swimming and yoga; however it was the loving community and new, thought provoking perspectives that yoga had to offer, that kept her coming back. Taylor practiced with Kathleen Swinbourne in Portland, ME (her home town) for several years before completing her first 200 hour training in 2009 under the spectacular and loving guidance of Mitchel Bleier, Tracy Bleier, and Donna Jackson at Saraswati’s Yoga Joint in Norwalk, CT. The SYJ community opened endless opportunities in self-discovery and continued growth in experiencing the richness and beauty of life, and provided a deeper exploration of what yoga is in is truest essence. This, was what she wanted to share and shed light on for others. It was for these reasons that Taylor moved to Connecticut in 2011 to complete a 500 - hour advanced asana and therapeutics training with Mitchel and the ladies of The Joint. She also had the honor of apprenticing with Mitchel at both his classes and his workshops for the entirety of his training, which she continues to do today when time and schedules permit. Taylor’s classes are thoughtfully sequenced to provide an optimal physical experience and atmosphere for her students – she enjoys infusing her classes with music and poetry which complement the already spirited playfulness of her classes. Each class is distinct, articulate and dynamic. Her warm, personable style makes her class a genuine expression of her love and understanding of yoga and life.

Suzy Hatcher

Yoga East 200 Hour Teacher Training 2012.

Susan Reid

Susan began a Yoga asana practice in 2001, came to Yoga East in 2007 and found her teacher, Laura Spaulding, who opened her understandings of Yoga and introduced a great human handbook, Patañjāli’s Yoga Sutra. Susan is an E-RYT 500, graduating from Yoga East’s 200 hr training in 2009 and the 300 hr module in 2012. Her training continues in the Krishnamacharya lineage - Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga, and with the wonderful teachers Laura brings to Louisville. Susan has been influenced by workshops with; John Friend, David Garrigues, Saraswathi Jois, Doug Keller, Kino MacGregor, Robert Moses, Karin O'Bannon, Ramanand Patel, François Raoult, Darren Rhodes, Swami Dayananda Saraswati, Christina Sell, Dean Sluyter and David Swenson.

Nerissa Sparkman

Nerissa has been an avid yoga practitioner for 14 years and has traveled and lived all over the world. You can usually find her with a yoga mat in one hand and camera in the other. She was initially drawn to yoga through her meditation practice and found herself studying in her hometown of Louisville, KY under the amazing teachers at Yoga East, including Ken Von Roenn III.

When she moved to Miami from London, England three years ago there was no question in her mind where she wanted to practice, or who she wanted to practice with. Skanda’s co-creators, Ken and Lina, have been amazing mentors, guides and teachers. It was their dedication, energy and style of yoga that finally moved her to want to share her yoga practice with others as a Skanda Yoga teacher, and so she completed her training with Ken and Lina in 2014. Moving back to Louisville, and teaching Skanda in her and Ken's hometown seemed only fitting and natural.

Nerissa’s students benefit from her energy, her authenticity, and her deep devotion to the inner peace and mental clarity found through yoga. She hopes others will learn, as she did, that yoga is not simply a practice to develop a flexible, healthy and stable physical body, but a practice to develop the mind as well. Yoga has been one of the most transformational and beautiful gifts present throughout her life, and she is grateful to share it with her students.

For experienced students who enjoy a faster pace and postures that challenge your abilities - sun salutations, arm balances, backbends, deep forward bends and twists, head-stand and shoulder-stand variations. This class is for students in good physical condition.