Patricia Everitt

Patricia has studied sacred sound with Tito La Rosa, the mysteries of sacred geometry, light and sound with Randy Masters and Peruvian cross-cultural shamanism with don Oscar Miro-Quesada. Through the weaving of many teachings, traditions and intuition, Patricia has developed her ceremonial style of using sound to assist in aligning mind, body and spirit and in remembering a deeper sense of divine purpose.

Patricia Everitt instructs the following:
  • Alchemical Sound Journey
  • Learn how to use your voice to clear energy blockages in the chakras and the body, taking the sound vibrations in on a deeper level for awakening to the divine essence within.
    Yoga East is delighted to welcome back Patricia Everitt, a Sound Healing Ceremonialist, Reiki Master, CMT and teacher of Peruvian cosmology with over 20 years in the healing arts field. She uses sounds to lead you in a mystical, healing, sacred journey. 
    Patricia incorporates a variety of instruments including Paiste planetary gongs - 38" Sun, 32" Platonic Year and 24" Venus, Milky Way sound tubes, Tibetan bowls, Black Hole sound tubes, Peruvian whistling water vessel, tingshas, bells, drums, rattles, Reverie Harp, wind wand, rainsticks, whistles, horn, shakapa and voice.  Patricia will teach you how to use your voice to clear energy blockages in the chakras and the body before starting the Sound Journey.
    This is a deep relaxation experience. Dress comfortably and warmly. Bring a pillow and two comfortable quilts, blankets or comforters to lie upon and for covering.  Be prepared for a long period of relaxation.  A Q&A session follows.
    Many participants shared that they experienced powerful healing energy in previous workshops. Some comments:
    • "As she approached me, I felt a twinge of a pain I had been having in my shoulder, and then it disappeared." 
    • "During the experience I found I had to shift position where I had been experiencing pain before the workshop, and then the pain was gone." 
    • "I've been operating at such a low frequency lately, and I feel that this is what I need."
    • "I completely lost consciousness, and when I came to some time later I felt as if all my negativity was being drawn out of me as if through a straw. I felt so much better afterwards."
    Workshop Fee: $40 (member discounts)

    Please register in advance. This workshop always fills.
    Due to the special nature of this event, no refunds will be given if you do not attend.