Christiane Tawfik

Christiane Tawfik has had interest in physical activity since her young years, yet she did not enjoy working out all that much until she started yoga classes at a local gym. Around 2006 she attended her first yoga class after working out and thought that yes, I can do this again. And she did again and again and eventually practiced regularly.

In 2010 she started practicing at Yoga East after getting a Christmas gift. Christiane enjoyed practicing there and in 2014 trained with Laura Spalding and graduated. She had many world renowned teachers including Francois Raoul, Doug Keller, Kino McGregor, David Garagues. Her local inspiring teachers include Laura Spalding, Anne Kosko, Susan Reid, Kara Price, Amy Gillis-Carlson, and Jessica K-Wilson.

Christiane has been teaching since May 2014 many classes a week, and has several repeat participants to her classes. She now teaches at Yoga East and Fitness 19 II. She appreciates most about yoga the mind/body/spirit connection and presents that aspect of yoga in her classes. She is enjoying the yoga journey by attending hatha, flow and sometimes ashtanga classes. Her favorite yoga pose is Ardha Chandrasana, half moon pose.

She trained with a Louisville Hall of Fame trainer, Porter Cotrell. Her studies and work experience are in Business, marketing, accounting and bookkeeping.

Christiane Tawfik instructs the following:
  • Hatha Yoga 1-2
  • Level 1-2 Mixed Level classes are geared to students in normal health who are still working to learn fundamental postures as well as those who have more experience and are seeking to expand, refine and develop their yoga practice at more subtle levels. Sun Salutations and series of flowing poses are incorporated at this level. All classes end with deep relaxation.