Douglas Keller

Doug Keller's yoga journey began with his studies of philosophy at the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. and graduate school at Fordham University In New York, where he completed his PhD.  During this time he met the meditation master Swami Muktananda.

Doug went to India in 1986 to practice yoga at Swami Muktanandas ashram at Ganeshpuri, India. He spent 14 years of service overall in Siddha Yoga ashrams in the US and abroad, studying and practicing yoga, working in the kitchen and gardens, and teaching hatha yoga.

During his time in Ganeshpuri he met John Friend while he was yet an Iyengar teacher who had come to study in Pune. They struck up a friendship, and Doug continued to practice and study with John when he came back to the states. Doug assisted in the development of Anusara Yoga and wrote the first Anusara Teaching Manual.  

In recent years Doug has been drawn more to detailed studies in anatomy, yoga therapy and and expension of his own vision. As he says, The expansion of yoga beyond the practices taught in more ancient times is, to me, an expression of the freedom at the heart of yoga and of consciousness itself. This freedom was described in tantric philosophy as not simply 'liberation' or 'moksha,' but 'Swatantrya' — the freedom of Consciousness to expand and create through its own inspiration. Yoga as an expression of this is not bound to antiquity, but inherently contains the inspiration to evolve for the sake of the good.""

Douglas Keller instructs the following:
  • Doug Keller 2017 Yoga Therapy Seminar
  • Prana Blocks and Fascial Distortions; Their Connection to Our Patterns of Movement in Asana
    This session — which is accessible to and designed not just for teachers, but for all who are interested in the topic — will introduce the most relevant forms of recognizable fascial distortions in our practice. Though technically based, it will be presented in more yoga and user-friendly language, and geared toward understanding how to apply this awareness in asana practice.
    We’ll identify the Movement Patterns and their Pain Syndromes (from ‘stiff’ to ‘flexible’) associated with these distortions, as well as how to address releasing them. This will include a more in-depth look into the fascia itself — what it is, how it works, and how awareness of the nature of fascia can inform our practice.

    Along with this information, we will practice, especially with an exploration of ways of entering into, flowing between, and holding poses that brings forth the energetic qualities held within the fascial matrix, the pranic storehouse of the mind-body.
    This session $80
    Complete Workshop plus this session: $230
    Register by May 31, 2017 $195.
    Yoga Alliance: 200/500 TM Hrs: 4

  • Doug Keller 2017 - Friday Evening
  • The Bandhas and the Health of the Spine and Sacrum: An Exploration of the Core

    This practice will include an introduction to principles for keeping the spine healthy through yoga practice, with special emphasis upon healthy twisting. Every asymmetrical pose in yoga (which includes most of the standing poses) involves an element of twisting, and proper activation of the Core is often left out, leaving us vulnerable to back and sacral pain.
    This will be a well-rounded practice (though not too much backbending, it being a Friday night!) that will explore these actions in simple and user-friendly ways that will leave us with more ‘open’ hips and shoulders, and yet a more ‘quiet,’ nourished and happy back and sacrum.
    Friday evening only: $40; Saturday am or pm session: $60.
    Workshop (Friday evening & all day Saturday): $150.
    Workshop plus Friday afternoon training: $230

  • Doug Keller 2017 - Saturday Morning
  • Untying the Knots through Asana: The Graceful Flow of Prana

    This all-levels asana practice will address the power of principles of basic asana practice to undo the sorts of fascial distortions described in Friday afternoon’s session — distortions or ‘prana blocks’ located physically in the connective tissue of the body that give rise to pain, a feeling of tightness or chronic soreness, or limitation in movement (sometimes after a practice, rather than during).
    This will be a lively, engaging and informative practice that puts together both topics covered on Friday into one big user-friendly practice!

    Saturday am or pm session: $60.
    Workshop (Friday evening & all day Saturday): $150.
    Workshop plus Friday afternoon training: $230

  • Doug Keller 2017 - Saturday Afternoon
  • Practical Breathing with the Vayus, and the Deeper Power of Yoga Nidra

    This session will begin with a talk exploring the deeper levels reached by Yoga Nidra, in the context of its original tradition and the evolution of its adaptations, and the connection of the more ancient ideas of the ‘Vayus’ from the Upanishads to this process. This will include some practical techniques for energizing the Vayus and our physical matrix of the breath in preparation for pranayama, followed by guided practices of pranayama, Yoga Nidra, and meditation.

    Friday evening only: $40; Saturday am or pm session: $60.
    Workshop (Friday evening & all day Saturday): $150.
    Workshop plus Friday afternoon training: $230