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Laura Spaulding

Laura has been studying and practicing yoga for over 50 years. She began with Sivananda Yoga in 1967. She moved to Louisville in 1990 and began taking classes with Maja Trigg (1927-2016), founder of Yoga East. In April, 1994 Maja retired from teaching and moved to North Carolina. Laura began driving to Columbus, Ohio to take workshops with Ashtanga teachers David and Doug Swenson, Tim Miller and Larry Schultz. In 1999 Laura traveled to Mysore, India and spent three months studying with Pattabhi Jois and studied with him every year until he passed away in May, 2009. Laura has cultivated long-term relationships with master teachers from the Iyengar, Anusara, Ashtanga and Sivananda traditions: Francois Raoult, Ramanand Patel, John Friend, Douglas Keller, David Swenson, Kino MacGregor and Tim Feldmann, David Garrigues, Robert Moses, and other teachers who have inspired our students.

Laura Spaulding instructs the following:
  • Ashtanga Yoga (Mysore)
  • Ashtanga Yoga is a breathing and movement system that contains over 300 postures grouped into four series: Primary, Intermediate, Advanced A and Advanced B.  Both new and experienced students practice together at their own pace, working through their assigned series with personal assistance and instruction by the teacher.  See our website for more details and how to register.  Students must have a Mysore Membership to attend these classes. Drop-ins not allowed.

  • 300 Hr Heart of Yoga (Yoga Sutras)
  • Heart of Yoga is a discussion class that uses The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali as a starting point for our wide-ranging discussion on topics of interest to yoga practitioners. Bring a copy of the Sutras that includes Sanskrit for chanting practice.
    Fee: $50/10 class series or $5 drop-in. Member discounts apply.

  • Sanskrit & Chanting (Mysore)
  • This class is the study of Sanskrit yoga texts. The traditional method of study is learning to read them by chanting them.  Sanskrit Chanting is a complete yoga practice that includes learning to sit in a steady, comfortable posture, maintaining mental focus, and breathing correctly.  Texts are provided, no previous experience or knowledge is required. Class is included in Mysore Memberships.
    YA 200/300/500 Hr YPLE

  • 300 Hr The Radiance Sutras
  • This class will read, discuss and meditate on The Radiance Sutras, an interpretation of the Vijnana Bhairava by Lorin Roche. The Vijnana Bhairava is a tantrik text of unknown date, but was first commented on by Abhinavagupta, one of the greatest Tantrik masters of Kashmir who lived c. 950-1016 AD. The text is an agama, a revelation in the form of a conversation between Bhairava (Shiva) and his consort, Bhairavi (Parvati). Shiva gives 112 ways of experiencing Supreme Consciousness in the activities of daily life. There are a limited number of texts available. If you have your own text of The Radiance Sutras or the Vijnana Bhairava, please bring it. 
    Fee: $60/12 class series or $5 drop-in. Member discounts apply.

  • $5 Beginning Yoga
  • This Level 1 Hatha Yoga class provides an introduction to fundamental yoga postures with correct alignment and breathing. Class ends with deep relaxation. No yoga experience is necessary. Students ages 11 and up are welcome.

    Students with medical restrictions or serious physical challenges are welcome to attend, but please call ahead to our main office at 502-585-9642 to speak to a supervising instructor so we can accommodate your needs.

    Our reduced rate classes help make yoga available to more people in the Greater Louisville community. $5 classes are included in all membership options.

  • Moon Day - Rest Day (no class)
  • New and Full Moon Days are rest days in the Mysore Ashtanga Tradition.  No class on these days.

  • Hatha Yoga 1-2
  • Level 1-2 Mixed Level classes are geared to students in normal health who are still working to learn fundamental postures as well as those who have more experience and are seeking to expand, refine and develop their yoga practice at more subtle levels. Sun Salutations and series of flowing poses are incorporated at this level. All classes end with deep relaxation.

  • Am I Ready to Take the Seat of the Teacher?
  • Our next 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Course begins March 2, 2019. Students who are interested in teacher training are invited to attend this free information session about teacher training. It is helpful for you to register in advance so we know how many are coming. There is no fee for this session.
    What does it mean to take the seat of the teacher? How do you know when you are ready to take on the teacher's role, especially if you feel you are not ready or not qualified? This discussion and contemplation class helps you to clarify your intentions and feelings about studentship, the teacher's role, and the practice of yoga.

    Laura will talk about
    -her own experiences as she moved from a practitioner to a teacher,
    -the history of Yoga East and its lineage of teachers,
    -why teaching yoga is an important aspect of being a yoga student.

    Learn about teacher training, certification, Yoga Alliance requirements, and Yoga East's teacher training program. 

  • Ashtanga Led 2-3 (Mysore)
  • Led Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series in the method of K Pattabhi Jois (Sanskrit-counted vinyasa) leads experienced students through the 48 postures of Primary series with the correct pacing, count and breathing. 
    This class is not for new students.  Students who are struggling will be asked to stop and wait for the finishing poses, or you can go to the next room for relaxation on your own.