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About Our Classes

We teach Hatha Yoga forms and movements with correct alignment, breathing and safeguards for common injuries and conditions.  Most classes include students at mixed levels and are appropriate for students with little or no yoga experience.  All classes end in deep relaxation. 

Information for New Yoga Students

Be On Time!
Register online to save time at the desk.  You will not be allowed to attend class if you arrive late.

What to Wear
Wear exercise clothing such as T-shirts, shorts and stretchy pants that allow freedom of movement.  

No Shoes in the Practice Rooms
Leave your shoes on the shoe racks. Yoga is practiced in bare feet.

What to Bring
We have yoga mats. If you have a mat, bring it. Do not bring other kinds of exercise mats because they will not work for yoga. 

Leave at Home
NO Food, drinks or chewing gum.
NO valuables or jewelry. Lock your purse or wallet in the trunk of your car. Do not leave items of value in the dressing rooms.
Yoga East is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

New to Yoga? Recommended Classes for New Students.
Customer Service 
Phone 502-424-5554

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Yoga for Children and Teens


Children ages 6-12 ($5) may attend with a parent. Teens 13-17 ($12) must be registered by a parent but can attend class by themselves. Please register your child in person. We do not take online registration for minors.

Holiday Manor Studio - Hatha Class
Level 3-4: Intermediate-Advanced Postures
Classes at this level require prior yoga experience.
Erin Cronin in Ekapada Shirshasana
Susan Reid in Ekapda Urdhva Dhanurasana
Laura Spaulding in Vishvamitrasana